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Proven benefits of working at a Treadmill Desk

General Health

Walking lowers blood pressure, reduces risks of heart disease, diabetes, cancer. It strengthens bones, and muscles, the list goes on and on.


Walking promotes significant weight loss. Customers have reported weight loss of up to 20–30 kg in a single year without restrictive dieting.

Higher Productivity

Walking increases blood flow to the brain and increases productivity. Recent research found productivity increase as much as 15% over a 6-month period.

Reduce stress

Intermittent walking can help reduce stress by reducing the production of the stress hormone, cortisol.

Increased Creativity

Walking will help you think strategically ans sort your thoughts by relaxing your nerves and brain.

Improves memory

Walking can prevent the shrinking of hippocampus and thereby help improve memory.


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Sit less, move more with our Treadmill Desks

Manual desk + treadmill

R39,499 incl VAT
This is the treadmill with integrated desk that is manually height adjustable. Perfect for individual use.

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Electronic desk + treadmill

R 46,499 incl VAT
The treadmill with integrated desk that is electronically height adjustable. Perfect for sharing with co-workers.

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Treadmill only

R 31,499 incl VAT
This treadmill comes with console. Just bring your own height adjustable desk and you're ready to walk and work.

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Frequently Asked Questions

+   How much room do I need for my treadmill desk?

The desk is 122cm wide by 74 deep. You will need approximately 85cm to support the length of the treadmill with a recommended 20cm of clearance behind the treadmill. The treadmill is 160 cm and has a width of 72cm. Bigger custom-made desks are an option.

+   Is the treadmill not noisy to use in an office environment?

Most people have found it to be minimal – a white noise comparable to a ceiling fan. Many of our customers were initially concerned about their treadmill or bike desks being too noisy for an office environment.

From a technical perspective, the decibel level produced by the treadmill itself is dependent on the speed: 1.6 km/h is 47dB, 3.2 km/h mph is 50.1 dB. Although it's louder than a whisper, it's much quieter than a conference call.

More practically speaking, we have found it often isn’t the treadmill or bike desk, but rather the user that produces the noise. Hard-soled shoes, foot dragging or scraping, and stomping all tend to be distracting to those around them. We recommend wearing a soft-soled shoe (your feet will thank you), walking at a casual pace (1.5 to 2.5 km/h) and actually picking your feet up when you walk. Follow these simple guidelines and everyone around you will be happy campers.

+   Why would I want to walk whilst working?

The simple answer is that regular walking in place of sitting will be beneficial to your health. Human beings aren’t designed to be seated for long periods of time; in fact it’s very bad for us. Over the last 10 years changes to how we work mean office workers are becoming more sedentary. Email, less filing of papers and an increase in call centre type roles are all contributing to the problem. Taking into account sitting whilst commuting, eating and relaxing in the evenings can mean we spend just 5 hours per day on our feet.

+   How many hours a day should I walk at my treadmill desk?

It takes a total of one and a half hour to get your 10,000 steps - so that should be your daily minimum goal. Most customers and ourselves tend to walk around 3 to 4 hours per day. Although this sounds exhausting, you will feel more energized, more productive and your body will thank you for it.

+   Can I work properly whilst walking at a desk?

Yes! It takes some getting used to, so the first couple of sessions might feel awkward. After a short adjustment period, it will start to feel normal.
After a couple of weeks, you wonder how you ever could have worked without.

"Walking is man's best medicine" - Hippocrates

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Innovations at Work


Industry-leading warranties and customer service remove all doubt. Robust coverage on frames, motors, parts, and labor let you use your product fully and with confidence.

Active Trac App

Active Trac lets you sync your activity directly from your desk exercise equipment to your smartphone. All of your data is conveniently sent to your personalized app via Bluetooth.

Telescoping Frame

Supporting users of all heights, LifeSpan workstations feature a telescoping leg system, essential for ideal heights during both standing and sitting.


Walk confidently knowing your safety is assured with Intelli-Guard™. Step away for more than twenty seconds and your treadmill's belt will automatically glide to a smooth stop, ensuring an accident-free environment.

Cable Routing

Unlike traditional systems, LifeSpan’s industry-exclusive internal cable management system directs the desks power cord down to the floor through the desk’s frame, organizing cords to promote safety and refined appearances.

Modular Design

Guarantee a seamless fit with your work environment. Use LifeSpan Workplace with your traditional office furniture, or as a dynamic configuration, allowing multiple users to share an exercise desk.

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